Sunday, October 14, 2007

Blogs That I Hate

You see these blogs, they don't update for a month. It's like they are not playing poker when all of a sudden the writer does something great like win a MTT. I hate that, it's like they want to tell everyone "wow, look at me I won a MTT". Why not mention all your failures in between? No they don't bother doing that do they! Useless tossers, I never read those type of blogs.

On a completely unrelated subject I managed to win a MTT today. Now some may scoff and say there were only 17 runners but there was definitely more than 1 table when we started and to me that means multiple. $5 PLO 15 minute levels, yes it was a long blinds structure and I didn't get bored and donk off all my chips. I like PLO, it's not about just being a rock and waiting for the nuts, it's a good game, especially the tournaments. I think I play PLO 80% of the time now. But that's not much, I'm not playing much poker at all anymore. But the blog stays, I like this blog, it's historical!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


I just wasn't up for this weekend, no idea why. Maybe I'm not well, maybe live poker does not do it for me anymore.
I remember 2005 when I sat down in the sauna in the Gutshot and was absolutely bricking myself, I loved it! Fast forward to 2007 and there were no butterflies, no tension, nothing!

Team Game, don't remember a great deal about it, didn't win a single hand of any note and just survived until going out in 6th. Finished the evening playing a bit of cash Omaha (that was great, loads of swings and all-ins and turned my £50 into £48 after an hour before everyone else was busto or bored) and then cash Holdem where I didn't get any hands and lost £20. Annoyed replaced me in my seat and told me the next morning he had made £600. Well played sir!

Main Game, I felt when I sat down I was going to grind this one out. At Duffs I couldn't wait to leave I was so bored but for this event I decided I was going hang around, hopelfully move tables alot and see a lot of poker. Only 7 people on table, of which Systems and Divaflava looked like death warmed up and the other players were still in bed. Sunday8pm was on the button to Dibbles big blind so after the shenanigans of the team game (Ben busted Dibble, dibble not happy) thought we could have some fireworks but Ben was first out after 5 hands. I flopped some nice hands and when the table broke up had almost double my starting stack.

2nd table looked good, Strak, KP, Doobs, Deejay amongst them. I had AA in Big Blind, KP raises it up and I double up. Zelda appeared for one hand before going busto, forget how and I was off to a new table. And it was on this table I was to endure/enjoy the general musings of BFWCOP Champion Snap for the next 4 hours (felt like days). He is a good bloke and a great character but there were times you were thinking to yourself ... JUST DO SOMETHING! That sounds harsh, not meant to be it was a very enjoyable table, Deejays brother Rich to my left was a sound bloke, as was RadixUK, Miltons mate Kenny, Wahey, Danse, PrettyAce and all.

So there are 19 left, it pays 18 and I am rather short on chips, Snap is starting to attack my blinds and bully which was great play and for the first time in the game I was a little nervous. Had A9 in Small Blind, folded around to me and I pushed, Rich (Fish1047) showed 86 suited and correctly called. I survived and minutes later the bubble burst and I was moved to my 4th and last table where I lasted 2 hands. Shrub pushed under the gun, I called with 77, he had AQ and I lost.

It was only then that I realised how drunk I was but I hung around till the end to see Snap's victory. We really need to speed up this tournament, it's a shame there were only 10 people to see the win but it was gone 4am so can't blame them. Maybe a double chance next time and faster blinds. And maybe start with the main event so that all the tables do not resemble The Night of The Living Dead after people have had a very hard couple of nights.

So congratulations to Snap and well done to Betfair and Mandylou for organising it.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Running Good

I was a little disappointed with my last post, I feel it didn't really give to much information about how my poker is going. However it does sum up how I feel about poker at the moment.

I'm winning, STTs, cash, I'm even cashing in MTTs, I still want to play higher stakes and play more but as soon as I make a profit I stop for the evening. I am just a terrible gambler, even after I make a profit I want to bank it, I see it as my money and I won't gamble it! RUBBISH AND VERY VERY DULL!

You see I think I'm a decent poker player yet after 3 years can still be found playing $2.50 STTs on Betfair? Why? I earn a bloody fortune from my job but will not gamble it, not even on poker where over the years I have made a good profit. What am I scared of? I'm not a particularly self-confident person in life and I think I translate this to the poker tables. I'm always expecting a beat when I'm all-in!

Anyway I didn't really mean to write that, BFWCOP in 2 weeks, hotel booked, game paid for and a team event on Friday evening. I can't remember my draw but I shall look it up and post my views on the 7 other players next week.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007



Thursday, August 02, 2007

Update Your Blog You Lazy Bastard

What's happened over the past 2 weeks asks .... ummm .... nobody!
Well Mr Nobody this is what has happened.

Withdrew all from Doob account on Betfair and opened up a new one. This will save the usual Doob/Doobs confusion. Doob is actually my nickname down here in Southampton but the sideburned one plays far more than me and much more seriously so he can have the name. The new forum name of Chronic keeps the drugs connection but has been a very apt name to describe the Betfair poker site over the past few days!

Played a bit on Sky Poker, got Tikay talking about some plays on my table but I was always folding as I had garbage. Some really fishy plays that he comments on and doesn't ever seem to criticise them. Yet to cash though in 3 attempts at The Open or Velocity. Cash and freerolls mean the account is fairly static.

Final tabled in a $5 turbo MTT on Betfair and then played for 2 and a half hours in the $1750 GTD to finish approx 25th for nothing. $10, 15 minute levels, sorry haven't got the time for this. Won't be playing this tournie again.

And that's it really apart from a few STTs and cash. I like Betfair cash, the tournaments are full of rocks but the cash table is full of gamblers. And being a STT rock myself it just bores me to tears. Cash and MTTs I have always played more aggressively, don't know why!

I have only one poker aim for August, it's just poker, if I'm playing it in my spare time at my low stakes then I want to enjoy it. That is all.

Good Luck.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Struggling For Inspiration!

I want to play these MTTs like all those great little £2 Thread merchants but really struggling to find the time. Meant to play the Sky Poker stuff last week but just don't either have the time or the enthusiasm for it. STTs now bore me and until I learn to stop playing cash games like a freezeout we shall steer clear of them.

Played a few MTTs recently, made it to the penultimate table in a headhunter but that has been my only cash out of the 5 I've played (2 on Sky, 2 on Blue Square and the Crypto Headhunter).

Basically they go like this, tight early on, start attempting to steal at 50/100 and stop limping (raise/fold only). If you do raise, then only raise with position unless you have a top 6 hand. Eventually though you reach the key hand where you are all-in with pair/overcards ... AND I DON'T SEEM CAPABLE OF WINNING THIS HAND!!!!

And that frustrates me, play good poker for 2 hours and win nothing. Multi-tabling may help but I just don't have the time. I shall maybe watch one of the experienced MTT people play from the £2 thread (Not saying who) and see what they do, how they approach MTTs. I will also try and play the free WSOPE Betfair things this week and take them seriously (Raising out of postition 2nd hand with 87 high and going all-in on a A44 flop is NOT taking it serious).

I think I've got the game/knowledge. But at the moment I don't have the right mindset/patience and I need to take my successful STT strategy and enlarge it into what will hopefully become a successful MTT strategy.

Good Luck All (But especially me)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Velocity

There was no The Open on Sky Poker tonight.

Instead it was a £5 MTT called The Velocity (4 minute blinds, 1500 chips). Not exactly what you might call a deepstack game but I lasted 45 minutes and it was good poker, quick, enjoyable and action all the way, none of this fold nonsense. Unfortunately though when the blinds got to 600/1200 I departed as my K3 sooted was soundly thrashed and I finished in about 300th of 1000 entrants. Proper mans poker though, why waste a whole evening winning nothing when you can waste 45 minutes instead!

My TV appearance must wait for another day.